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Stay Brutal! No turning back, no compromise. When Sheephead abuse their microphones, make their guitar strings shatter and hammer furious double bass from one end of the venue to another, then there is no time for a break, no mercy. Why should there? You can still take a break when you’re dead.

Right off the bat, promoters recognized the enormous talent slumbering within the 5 young musicians, booking Sheephead for shows with major acts such as Ektomorf, Legion of the Damned, Brainstorm, Dew-Scented, Primordial and U.D.O. This development eventually peaked out with the band winning the most prestigious Germany-wide contest, the Wacken Metal Battle in 2007, enabling Sheephead to play a show at the infamous Wacken Open Air.

Publishing their debut album “The Plague“ in 2008, Sheephead are presenting themselves to the world more maturely and more aggressively than ever before. “It’s been a long time since I heard an unsigned band play with such supremacy” (quote: Heavy Magazine), while the dexterous combination of melody, catchy hooklines, relentless brutality and blistering speed are truly what make this album so interesting.

The band, which has received great praise right from the beginning of its career, intends to silence even the last critics left, take a huge step forward and to make good on their “silent promise“ (quote: “It is just a matter of time before Sheephead will be on their triumphal way through concert halls all over Europe“ (quote: The Pit)
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